First, a note to all my fellow “challenged readers” who have begun many books with good intentions, only to end up with a stack that will never be finished.

“Focused Prayer” is not a “book” in that sense – you don’t need to read it cover-to-cover right off the bat. It is more of a daily devotional with scripture verses that sharpen the focus of your prayer time.

So often when I pray, my mind begins to wander, my focus takes a hike, and I end up ineffectively praying for those people and situations that were so important to me when I wrote them on my list. Once I get off track, I usually stay there, and my prayers are not effective. The “Focused Prayer” method prevents my wandering mind from leading me to foggy, distracted, ineffective, far away regions.

I have also come to realize the power of inviting God’s Word into my prayer time. His promises and guidance bring new life and confidence into my prayers. I’m excited to see how this works for you, too.